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Well, like the last entry stated, no one writes in here. So, I'll talk about me because no one cares! =D

I went to my first high school football game tonight (i'm a freshman) and it was awesome. a large majority of the people were eather drunk or high, which made it interesting. and i got to meet new people for once since the HS i go to includes a lot of people i've known for like, 9 years. i really don't like my school because of the people. i actually hate seeing the same fucking people. but we only have 4 periods a day, so i will not transfer. anyway.
it's getting cold. and i want to hold someone's hand.. because it feels nice. and warm. i don't know.

i also have a lot of random urges to kiss boys. just strangers. is that weird? i mean i know it is, because it sounds like it is... but does anyone else get this feeling!?!? ahha

okay....bye. <3
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